Terms of use

Declaration of consent

This declaration of consent is for the portal Akeractive.com and concerns the approval of the terms and conditions of the use of Akeractive.com. The declaration only has to be approved the first time you use the portal.

Welcome to Akeractive.com! This is Aker’s lifestyle portal, where you can get useful information about physical activity, diet, motivation and measure your own achievements. You can also share your experiences, do networking and build relations, both within your own company and across other companies that Aker holds a share in. You can log your physical activity and join campaigns. Read more under "About us"

All the information on the portal is available to employees/users in Aker companies located outside of Europe. When users agree to the terms and conditions of use, this secures that the transmission abroad is legal.

To access the portal to register information, blog and participate in discussions, you have to accept the terms and conditions of use for Akeractive.com

Terms of use

As a user of the portal you gain access to all the information that is published by Aker Achievements (AA), the owner and administrator of the page, and also news and information published by your company. All users will have access to all the material (pictures, videos, blogs and discussions) that is published by other users.

Everything that is uploaded to Akeractive.com is available to all users, except for material that is published in closed groups (only for users that are specially invited), and one’s personal workout log. Your total amount of minutes registered in the workout log is available for everyone to see, but the detailed information about your workouts remains private. If you wish to hide your name from the total workout summary in different groups and campaigns, you can do this under your profile. Every minute registered to a certain company is counted as a part of this company’s total amount of workout minutes, even if someone has chosen to keep their name hidden from the workout lists.

All the information on the portal is made available for employees/users in Aker owned companies that are located outside Europe.

Users can remove information published by themselves.

Personal data is handled according to the Norwegian Data Inspectorate’s Personal Data Act.

Should you have any complaints or questions, please contact webmaster@akeraktiv.no

If your employment ends, you will lose access to the portal and all your personal data will be deleted within 3 months. Material published by the user will remain in the portal, unless the user wishes to remove it.

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